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When I would die tonight..

would you cry?
would you be sad?
would you be angry?
would you just go on?
would you feel lonely?
would you feel empty?
would you be suicidal?
would you feel relieved?
would you feel hopeless?
would you be depressed?
would you visit my grave?
would you ask for reasons?
would you blame someone?
would you even blame yourself?
would you feel like you lost a burden?

What would you do?





That’s what depression feels like.

Oh god..

i made a status today that relates to this, it was: but what if there is no light at the end of the tunnel?

and i got bagged out for it.

so i just wanna say that i love you guys! xxx

sad black and white blog, message me i care and will help you as best as a can, i follow back most

depression is just like that..

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